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Tank Extensions/Covers

A tank extension or “riser” makes direct access to your system efficient. Once an extension is installed, regular pumping schedules do not disrupt your landscape by extensive digging to locate the tank.  We also have Covers if one is needed.



” Since January 1st of 2000, language in the Technical Standards requires that all new and existing septic tanks that exceed a depth of 12 inches below grade be retrofitted with a riser and cover assembly such that the top of the riser assembly is no more than 12 inches below grade. Risers to grade help facilitate tank pumping and inspection.The Technical Standards also require that all pump chambers, grease interceptor tanks, and holding tanks have watertight riser manholes extended to grade. Property owners should contact their licensed sewage tank cleaner or installer for more information on options to help comply with these requirements.”


Here is the Public Health Code link pertaining to risers.