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Septic Cleaning

Regular maintenance of a septic system includes –

Pumping the septic tank and inspection of the tank and components which includes inlet and outlet baffles and a visual inspection of your leaching fields.

We will also clean the Filter if your tank is equipped with one.


We recommend that the septic tank be pumped out and inspected at least every 2 to 3 years.                       Current Offers can be found here

The frequency should be based on the occupancy of the home and how quick solid material builds up in the tank.

If there is use of a garbage disposal in the home – PLEASE, Nothing that can not break down should not be put down! and due to the significant increase in the amount of solid material and grease that a garage disposal causes it is recommended to be cleaned more often than not.

Size Matters! Please note that Septic Tanks less than 1,000 gallons should be cleaned more frequently.




We maintain a customer database to notify you with a reminder card when regular service is due or we can set you up as automatic cleaning and we will routinely come out and clean your tank on the requested frequency and send you an invoice. Not home at the time of your cleaning? You can request a job card to be emailed to you with all the details of your cleaning and if any issues were found.


If you do not know where your tank is located we can locate it for you.

If you would like to expose the cover of the tank yourself and looking for information in regards to the location here are the links for the Public Health Departments.


Farmington Valley Health Department

Farmington Valley Health :

Avon   Colebrook    Hartland

Barkhamsted     Farmington    New Hartford

Cantons   Granbys   Simsburys


Torrington Area Health Department

Torrington Health:

Canaan    Harwinton   Norfolk   Winsted

Goshen     Litchfield     Torrington


Bristol Area Health Department

Bristol/Burlington Health:

Bristol   Burlington




                      Be Septic Smart!