Don't Fuss Call...RUSS!!


Three generations of septic knowledge passed down over the years, that’s over 58 years of looking at Septic systems and field knowledge.

We’ll let you know the status of your septic system and give our recommendations for any maintenance or repairs needed.

You will have a copy of your Inspection report, any photos and/or property information we found at the Health Department emailed to you even before you leave the Inspection Site.


“The State of Connecticut does not certify septic system inspectors nor are there mandatory inspection procedures that all inspectors should follow. In an attempt to clarify this situation, the Connecticut Environmental Health Association (CEHA) organized a committee of state and local health personnel; septic system installers and cleaners, who perform inspections; home inspectors; and members of the Connecticut Association of Realtors, to develop the  “Connecticut Recommended Minimum Existing Septic System Inspection Report” Form.”




We have some Great, Local (to you) Excavating Companies that we refer Septic system installs to, They work with the Local Area Health Departments and are licensed and insured.