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Septic Tank Maintenance

Do’s and Don’ts for septic system maintenance.                                                                                                                                  

* If you are not now using you should seriously consider changing to a liquid detergent for your laundry. Powered soap has a tendency to cake once it gets into the tank.

*You should keep the introduction of bleaches to an absolute minimum.

*You should never put grease or oils down into the septic, it collects in the system.

*You should not wash your dog or pets in the bathtub. The special soaps and conditioners along with hair, makes it tough for the natural bacteria to digest.

*Do not flush unused prescriptions down into the system. They have a negative effect on the natural bacteria working there.

 *It is not necessary to put special additives into the system. Mother Nature already has a process in place and made the process slow for a reason.

*Using high volumes of water will create premature failure of the septic system.

*It is not necessary to run the water while you are brushing your teeth. Conserve it!                                                                                    

*Use the dishwasher sparingly and only run full loads, they use a lot of water.

*Don’t do your laundry all in one day. Spread it out over the week to give your drainfield a chance to rest. Each load can put 35-75 gallons into the tank at one time.

*Listen and watch for silent leaks in the commode. These can be a killer for excess water getting into the tank and drainfield. Check your meter out front. If it is turning     and everything in the house is shut off, you have a leakage problem.

*It is not necessary to add yeast to the system. Let our natural body waste make the bacteria.

*Using the garbage disposal should be kept to a minimum. The septic system does not like ground up chicken bones, egg shells, citrus skins, Anything that is considered   dead material.

*Trees and roots in and around the tank and drainfield are real killers. We have seen some real horror stories that have caused havoc with the system.

*Keep the sky above the drainfield open as much as possible. 80% of the evaporation of the drainfield comes from the sun, let it do its job.

*Do not let your downspouts from the roof run off into the drainfield area

*Never drive vehicles over the tank or drainfield.                                                             

*We highly recommend having the tank pumped on a 2 to 4 year cycle. Ask us about our Reminder System.

*Don’t put sanitary napkins or paper towels down the toilet. They plug up the tank.

*Don’t flush leftover food or scraps of food from the table down the drain.

*Never dump hobby or home industry chemicals.

*Never allow waste from water softeners to enter the system.